I am writing to express my appreciation for all of your efforts and especially for the results of your work over the last year and a half since you started helping us with our campus cleaning. We had high expectations when we began the relationship with your team and your efforts have been everything we hoped they would be. I receive comments almost weekly from people all over campus who say that they have never seen the building look so clean.

The customer service and responsiveness of the day porters has never been better and the attention to detail and thoroughness of the night crew has been simply exceptional. We appreciate how often supervisors and staff members are always checking in with Denise, Sue and others, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

There is a noticeable difference in cleanliness every single day when we arrive on campus. It is obvious to me that the Sparkling Klean team is always striving for excellence in every aspect of your work. You all are simply the best in town.

Thank you for your part in making sure our employees and our clients have a world-class experience every time they step foot on our campus.

Les agradezco personalmente a todos miebros del equipo por sus esfuerzos y su dedicación a cuidarnos todos los dias. Los aprecio mucho y espero que todos se queden aquí con nosotros por mucho años que vengan.

Mil gracias,
Scott Moulton Director of Properties